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Please Don’t Spit on Me

I’m standing in the open field at Foxfire Mountain.  Underneath the line as zippers go flying over me and all I can think is, “Please don’t spit on me.”  No, I’m not talking about the guides.  The other day, we had a few llamas visit us. 

At Foxfire Mountain, you have the option to do other activities if you choose not to zip line.  One of the options is a mountain hike with llamas carrying all your equipment (done by request only).  Now, I don’t have a lot of experience around llamas.  Actually, the closest I had come to a llama before this was probably one of those mechanical ones in the Disney World parades that would spit water on you. 

So when I stepped outside to take pictures, I was a little hesitant.  Especially since I had to share my area with the llamas.  And, silly old me, decided to ask one of the guides if I should be worried about one of them biting me.  I forgot that I am the new girl and am still getting teased.  The guide, who shall remain nameless (cough-Greg-cough) started telling me horror stories about them and, since the gullible gene must run in my family, I believed every word of it.  That is for a good five minutes anyway until the owner, Marc, reassured me that I would be fine.  The most I had to worry about is a little spit. 

This seemed to calm me down.  I went out into the field and started snapping pictures with the camera held up against my face.  But every time I brought that camera down, the llamas were standing closer to me.  Snap.  The llama is by the tree.  Snap.  The llama is 15 ft. away.  Snap.  The llama is right next to me. 

I was listening very intently for any sort of indication that the llama was ready to hawk a loogie on me.  But thankfully, nothing happened.  The zip liners all finished on the line and I was ready to head back inside when I locked eyes with one of them.  And I thought to myself, “How often can one be this close to a llama?”  So I inched my way over and pet him softly.  It was… different then how I thought it would be.  But luckily, no spit!  Well, not for me anyways.  Robin, a front desk worker, was petting one when it either sneezed or spit on her.  She wasn’t quite sure. 

So, I pet a llama.  Just another thing that I was able to cross off my bucket list here at Foxfire Mountains


Lunch Buddies

So, I lied. I said I was going to start talking about the guides, but I have decided to give them more time to remember all those hilarious stories that some of our readers might be apart of.  In the mean time I think you should get to know some of my lunch time friends.

There are three dogs at Foxfire Mountain that can smell food from a mile away.  For the most part, they usually lounge around Marc & Marion’s (the owners) house.  They are extremely friendly and will let you pet them.  Some may tend to run away if they don’t know you that well.  But the second that someone unwraps a sandwich (or any food for that matter) those dogs are off and running towards you.  And then they sit and watch you with those sad puppy dog eyes.  I can’t help but feel bad for them.  That is why I say they are my new lunch buddies. 


From Right to Left: Oscar Mayer & Weiner

Also, I just want to apologize to all the chickens here at Foxfire Mountain.  You really aren’t that bad.

Cheep Cheep Cheep

For those out there who haven’t heard the joyous news, there is a new addition here at the Foxfire Mountain family.  Actually there are at least a dozen additions here.  Today, we received numerous little chicks and ducks. 

These cute little balls of fluff have been running around in their little pen that we set up for them in the Gift Shop.  Actually all they have been doing lately is huddling under the heat lamp as they try to stay warm.  I guess their feathers aren’t quite developed enough yet.  At first I thought they were adorable and just wanted to hold a little duck in my hand.  That was this morning.  After being in a room with them for the last couple of hours though, my feelings have changed. 

Now, I don’t consider myself a cruel person.  But these animals are so noisy.  All I hear (besides the banjos) is cheep cheep cheep.  It’s been cheep cheep all day long.  My sanity is holding up…  For the moment.  It gets so noisy sometimes that I feel as if I am in a hen-house (I’ve been known to exaggerate by the way).  The ducks, I can handle.  But the chickens, well that’s another story.

For those of you that know me, you already know about my dislike of chickens.  It’s right up there with Staples.  I don’t know what it is, but there is just something about chickens that erks me the wrong way.  So to be forced to be around this many, day in and day out, might prove to be a challenge.  Especially with their constant cheeping. 

As for the ducks, I think they are adorable.  They waddle around in their little trays of water and then run under the light.  I just want to buy one for myself, move to New York City, and recreate my own version of “Friends”.  Who knows, maybe someday I will do just that.

Perhaps this will be good learning experience for me though.  It will teach me how to tolerate (and maybe even how to tune out) certain elements in a work place.  Until then, I will just try to think of this as a positive.  At least the little chickens and ducks will have a good home here at Foxfire Mountain.  And once they get a little bigger, they can go outside and run around the property (giving me a little peace and quiet).

So for any animal lovers out there, feel free to stop by Foxfire Mountain to see these cute little friendly critters.  Feel free to pick them up and maybe play with them a little.  Maybe even take one home with you (I kid of course).  And I guess, I will try to make amends with the chickens of my past by friending the ones here.  In fact, I’m going to go and start naming them right now. 

Thanks for reading and if you would like a glimpse of some of the tricks we do while zip lining, check out our YouTube video.

I call this one… Hannah.   HAPPY BIRTHDAY HANNAH!!

Check in tomorrow when I start to introduce you to all the guides here at Foxfire Mountain.