The setting at Foxfire Mountain always seem to changing and growing.  At least it has since I have been here.  First it was the waterfall.  Then there was a swinging bridge over the waterfall.  They even added to their family with chickens and ducks.  And now there are three other projects to be mentioned.

First off, the last platform has expanded!  Hooray!  Now there will be plenty of room to stand and watch your friends, families, or even strangers come zipping into the last line.  Maybe they will even be doing some cool tricks.  They even added a new break to the bottom so fewer people are having to slow themselves down by touching the line.  In fact, I think the only ones that do that now are the guides themselves.

Another project in the works is the Screaming Pig BBQ they are building right next to the picnic pavillion.  Maybe by the next summer, guests won’t have to pack their own picnic in order to lounge around and listen to the joyous screams of zip lining.  I’m not quite sure what all is going to be on the menu, but I love food so I am pretty excited about that one.

And finally, the last big project we are working on at the moment.  A suspended swinging bridge almost 300 feet above the creek below it.  This is going to be a short cut hiking trail leading up to the waterfall that I talked about earlier.  And this is probably the biggest project we are working on at the moment.  Where the playground use to be there now sits a giant hole.  Back when the temperature was much warmer, I use to joke about them scrapping the bridge and just making it a swimming pool/skating rink.

So those are the projects that we are working on at the moment.  It should be interesting to see how different Foxfire Mountain looks this time next year.  Perhaps you will all have to come back and find out for yourself.  🙂