I won’t deny that I come from a long line of decendents known for their intense fear of heights, which is probably why my family was surprised when I told them I would be working at Foxfire Mountain where tourists come from all over to fly high over the creeks and valleys.  Now I tend to be a little nervous around heights, especially when it’s around unsecured heights but I wouldn’t say that I’m terrified of heights.  However, I was a little hesitant my first time on the zip lines.  But after that first leap of faith, I was completely fine with being up hundreds of feet above the ground.  So when my parents decided to come for a visit, it was my goal to have them try it for themselves.

Even though my parents are deathly afraid of heights (more so than myself), it didn’t take much convincing.  This came as a huge surprise to me, because I remember as a child having to beg and plead with them to ride rollercoasters with me.  But I guess they wanted to see what all the fuss was about.  So they took the very scenic drive out to Foxfire Mountain.

When they first arrived at Foxfire, you could tell they were a little hesitant about the whole zip lining thing.  But after watching a couple of zip liners (most of which were eight year old children), they felt like they were ready to try it.  I guess the thought crossed their mine where if an eight year old could do it, why couldn’t they.  So after a few deep breaths of relaxation and a quick threat (made from me) to the guides taking them out, they were ready to try it for themselves.  They got suited up, watched a quick safety video, and very slowly and methodically crossed the swinging bridge.  Then came the hard part.  Taking the steps off of the platform and zipping across the very long and strenuous sixty foot line.

Since my parents were the last ones out of a group of ten, they had to watch everyone go before them.  And then they realize that there was no backing out.  They didn’t want to show any fear, and they were doing a decent job of it.  Well, at least my dad did.  My mom still looked pretty nervous.  And it was her turn to go.

She slowly inched her way to the end of the platform, and right when she was about to take off the guide yells, “Oh wait!  Don’t GO YET!!”.  A practical joke no doubt.  But my mom didn’t realize this.  And she screamed the entire way across that line.  My dad and I just laughed and laughed.  And since my dad was laughing, he was no longer worried about going across and did so quite easily.

They told me that the first line was definitely the hardest one.  But after that each line got easier and easier.  And before they knew it they were no longer afraid.  In fact, they said they felt comfortable up there.  They said they might even do it again.

So this is just another example of how people have managed to conquer their fear of heights and they were able to cross another fun exciting activity off of their bucket lists.

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