And the guides keep coming coming.  Keep coming coming.  Keep coming coming and coming coming. 

Ok now that that is done, let’s move on to the next guide.  Ben.

After Taylor recruited his roommate Chris, it was on to his next prey.  Ben lives down the hall from the roommates, and I guess could be considered the Kramer to their Seinfield.  That may be a bad reference because Ben isn’t really anything like Kramer.  But he is pretty funny and easy-going.   He makes conversations with just about every person he gives a tour to.  And lately I’ve noticed he loves to play games.  Checkers.  Chinese Checkers.  Okay it’s mainly just checkers.  But ya catch my drift.  After working here a few weeks, I was finally able to pull him away from his intense checker matches to get him to answer a few questions.

NAME:  Ben


BIRTHDAY:  April 12

HATES:  Obnoxious chewing

FAVORITE TRICK:  Superman dive

GUIDE STORY:  A child was a little nervous about zipping over the river, so his mom pushed him off the platform.  It was hilarious.