Since we are once again in the middle of an epic battle of “Guide of the Month”, I figured it was only fair to make sure that everyone knew all the nominees.  There are a few newbies here at Foxfire Mountain that I haven’t been able to introduce yet.  So I’m going to take the next few blogs to  let you read all about them.  I know you must be dying with antici…

pation.  So without any further ado, here is Larry. 

Larry started working here in June and has high energy has made for some pretty entertaining tours.  Even if when taking out a nine o’clock tour, he is awake and alert and on his toes ready to crack jokes the whole way here.  Recently he got married to Samantha, who also happens to work at Foxfire Mountain as a photographer.  Below are his answers to the questionnaire I made all the guides fill out.

NAME:  Larry

NICKNAME:  Mr. Wonderful

BIRTHDAY:  September 6

WEAKNESS:  Vegetables

FAVORITE TRICK:  Double back handspring with a twist.

EPIC STORY:  The story of my life!!!

Larry has often been compared to Jacob from "Twilight"