Over the past few months, I have lost a good amount of weight for someone of my size.  But my weight is like a roller coaster ride.  Always going up and down.  And since I am going home to Wisconsin for the next few days (Happy Birthday, Conner!) I decided to take the time to brag about it before gaining it all back with my obsessive cheese eating habits.  So without any further ado let me announce, “I lost 15 lbs. on the zip line diet!”

I’m not the only person losing weight here at Foxfire Mountain.  A couple of the guides have also lost anywhere from 5-15 lbs. since they started working here also.  What is the secret you ask?  Well, for me it’s the fact that I am no longer sitting behind a desk all day getting yelled at by crazy scientologists.  Instead I am out in the sunshine running around (okay walking around) taking pictures of crazy zip liners.  That and the fact that it is summer, and when that heat index is over 100 I tend to replace food with water.  That I later sweat out. 

I’m also going to take the time to correct a few rumors.  I am not anorexic and I do not have an eating disorder.  The fact that people even think that is laughable.  I’m pretty sure I wrote a blog about how I wanted to compete in competitive eating contests.  Would someone with an eating disorder do that?  I think not.  In fact, I eat so much food that I earned the nickname “The Finisher” because I tend to finish people’s meals/leftovers.  But recently, guides have been making comments about me “wasting away”.  There was one guide that started buying me food and drinks whenever I complained. 

I also have heard numerous stories from people coming to Foxfire Mountain about how they used zip lining as motivation to help them lose weight.  One lady that I met was extremely excited to go zip lining.  She told me that she first heard about Foxfire over a year ago and decided that she needed to try it out.  Unfortunately she was over our maximum weight limit of 275 lbs.  She used that as motivation, and one year later she was 75 lbs. lighter and zipping through the trees. 

So whether or not you’re looking to shed a few pounds, come on down to Foxfire Mountain and try out our zip line diet for yourself.  And when I get back from Wisconsin, check out the blog.  We have a few new faces working here that I think you should meet.

"The Finisher" (finishing your meals since '88) eating her first moon pie.