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Unlucky Thirteen?  I don’t think so! 

Krista is our next guide spotlight.  Krista is one of the newest additions here at Foxfire Mountain.  She always seems to be full of smiles, even early in the morning (which can be a challenge for me sometimes so kudos).  She does have one problem though, she can’t seem to find a nickname that fits her.  So if anyone has any suggestions please feel free to comment.  Until then she will just make do with what she put on the questionnaire. 

Name:  Krista

Nickname:  Pookie, Dancing Machine

Birthday:  July 22

Favorite Trick:  Helicopter

Funniest Guide Story:  We were on the last line and one of the guests wanted to spin on the line.  He started to tangle himself up in order to spin and I told him to keep going.  He thought I said, “Get Going”, so he ran off the ramp.  However, I was still attached in front of him, so we ended up both jolting forward awkwardly in front of the whole group. 


Let’s keep this thing going.  Up next is…


When Tom started working at Foxfire Mountain, I thought he was pretty quiet.  Boy was I wrong.  Tom is always singing and dancing (not necessarily along to the banjo music that plays).  One nice thing about Tom is that he absolutely loves working here.  At the end of the day if there is a tour in need of a guide he jumps at the opportunity to get back out on those lines.  I guess, since he is new, the thrill of the ride hasn’t worn out yet.  In fact, he seems to have more fun the more he does it. 

Name:  Thomas

Nickname:  Mumbles

Birthday:  February 21

Favorite Trick:  Any that I can do

Funniest Guide Story:  I just finished sending everyone over to the other platform and was about to leave myself, but I forgot that my back safety was still attached to the tree.  It was like a reverse George of the Jungle moment.


Time to start getting to the newbies (sometimes referred to as Fungus). 

Since Foxfire Mountain is a family operated business and the last post was all about Liz, I thought it may be fun to introduce her brother Daniel.  Daniel started working here around the same time I did, so I’m not sure if he is still considered a new guide.  Although he seemed a little quiet at first, it didn’t take him long to start cracking jokes along with the other guides (sometimes at my expense).  But its okay, because I got my revenge with his questionnaire.  I’ll let you in on a secret.  One of the answers below isn’t true. 

Name:  Daniel

Nickname:  Sunshine

Birthday:  June 10

Favorite Trick:  Hanging upside down

Funniest Guide Story:  I was attempting the inverted tornado and at the point where I was at full torque, I tooted. 

Woo!  Halfway done!!  Then I can start telling all these great (and embarrassing to me) stories about what has been going on at Foxfire Mountain.  But until then, here is another guide. 

Liz is one of the few female guides here at Foxfire Mountain, but a lot of the guides like to describe her as being a man in a woman’s body.  She works great with children and helps them feel at ease while out on the lines, but she also can crack jokes with the older crowds that come in. 

Name:  Elizabeth

Nickname:  Liz

Birthday:  November 7

Favorite Trick:  Jumping off the corner

Funniest Guide Story:  The malfunctioning zipper!  (You’re going to have to ask her about that one yourself)


So… Remember a few guides back when I mentioned George of the Jungle.  Well, be prepared to learn the story behind it. 

Zakk is one of the friendliest guides here at Foxfire Mountain.  Zakk was one of the new guides when I started working here, but now he is an old pro.  It also didn’t take him long to be one of the popular guides on our facebook page.  Many people would post stories about their guide Zakk and how they had so much fun with him.  Of course, calling him by his nickname the whole time.  And to tell you the truth, I might have thought that his nickname was his real name.

Name:  Zakk

Nickname:  George

Birthday:  September 15

Favorite Trick:  Spiderman

Funniest Guide Story:  During my training to become a guide, I ended up hitting a tree at 30 m.p.h. because I forgot the hand brake…  Hence the name, “George of the Jungle”. 

How many guides are there?!?!  Welp, here is another guide introduction.  I hope you enjoy.

Grigori (aka Greg) is today’s guide focus.  Greg is originally from Russia.   There have been a few occasions where I have heard him speak Russian to some of the guests here at Foxfire Mountain.  If I have learned one thing about Greg over the past few weeks, it is that he is extremely sarcastic and hates answering guide questionnaires.  I was lucky to get this filled out.

Name:  Grigori

Nickname:  Siberian Greg

Birthday:  December 11

Favorite Trick:  Flying Russian

Funniest Guide Story:  Trying to strangle the photography girl because she was asking too many questions (see what I mean about him begin sarcastic… at least I hope he is sarcastic). 

Flying Russian?

Are we done yet?  Not quite.  Another guide to introduce you to.

Josh is another funny guide.  You’re probably just thinking I don’t know how to describe people… But your wrong!  Everyone here is like a comedian.  Josh is one of the supervisors here, so he is very concerned with everyone’s safety and well-being.  Some of the guides here at Foxfire Mountain, say that he resembles Quagmire from “Family Guy” (just a funny sidenote).

Name:  Josh

Nickname:  That Guy

Birthday:  December 21

Favorite Trick:  Upside Down Helicopter

Funniest Guide Story:  A girl zipped down and hit the breaking rope.  When she did she burst into tears asking, “Did I kill it?”  “Kill what?”  I asked.  She said, “The raccoon!”

Two for one special.  I was going to introduce these next guides separately, but due to an unfortunate internet mishap (a storm kicked me offline) I figure we might as well introduce both of them. 

Michael and Jeremy doing "The Matrix"

Michael started working at Foxfire Mountain almost a year ago (in fact it may be over a year) and liked it so much he recruited his younger brother Jeremy to be a guide also.  The two have great senses of humor and are always cracking jokes left and right.  But, that doesn’t mean they don’t know what they are doing.  These guides make everyone on the lines feel safe and relaxed (even the ones deathly afraid of heights). 

Name:  Michael

Nickname(s):  Tiny, Finn

Birthday:  May 20

Favorite Trick:  David Hasselhoff

Funniest Guide Story:  A middle-aged woman was on the tour with her husband.  We had just been joking around about tips, when I noticed she was coming in too fast.  I gave her the sign to flair out and when she did she collided with me, wrapping her legs around me.  Her husband then turned to me and asked if he would get a tip.

Name:  Jeremy

Nickname(s):  Tiny Jr., Juicey J

Birthday:  July 25

Favorite Trick:  Inverted Tornado, Upside Down Spiderman, Running Man, MC Hammer, Backwards Superman, The Pose, The Sit Up

Funniest Guide Story:  I went to rescue three hefty people on the lines in a row.  When I was finished bringing in the last person, someone from the group said to me, “Wow!  You must workout!”

Aaaaaannnnddd we’re back to the guides.  Today guide introduction is all about Jason. 

Jason is another “veteran” guide here at Foxfire Mountain.  He has lots of funny stories about zippers out on the lines.  I won’t be able to tell them with the same finesse as Jason so I’ll just let him tell the stories.  He is very outgoing, in fact he is so outgoing sometimes that he thinks I’m anti-social (which isn’t true, I’m just not a very good morning person.)  Below are some quick facts about Jason.

Name:  Jason

Nickname:  J-Dub

Birthday:  December 27

Favorite Trick:  Dead Man Hanging

Funniest Guide Story:  A guy came for his sixteenth birthday, but was deathly afraid of heights.  When he started on the first bridge, he refused to look down.  His foot slipped through and he got stuck.  I had to come out and rescue him and we were only five minutes into the tour. 

Since today is Mother’s Day I have decided to take a much-needed break from the guides (don’t worry, it’s mutual), and share with you all a story from my past.  Now, let me warn you.  This story has nothing to do with zip lining whatsoever.  It’s a traumatizing story about when I became afraid of heights, and my mom happened to save my life. 

Back in the nineties (if you can remember that far back) when I was nine years old, my family went to the beautiful island of Kaui (in Hawaii).  I wouldn’t say that my family is cheap.  We’re more like frugal.  So in order to save money, my mom bought one of those guide books with all the information about beaches and hiking trails and other activities a family of five can do for free.  In the book, we found a hidden hiking trail to a secret waterfall.  It was one of the local places, so we had to be really discreet about being tourists. 

It was just the girls that decided to find this hidden waterfall.  We parked outside of a sugarcane field and rolled down our windows (the book said that locals liked to break car windows).  We hesitantly entered the sugarcane field and attempted to find the hiking trail.  After fifteen minutes or so, we saw a clearing in the trees by the field.  “This has to be it!” exclaimed my sister Lindsey, so we entered the spooky woods. 

A few more minutes went by and the trail we thought we were on became gradually worse.  Soon, we were just walking amongst trees, no path in sight.  That’s when we reached one of the steepest hills I have ever been on.  I’m serious when I say it had to have been at least a 75 degree slope.  My mom and sister slowly started down the hill talking about how the waterfall better be the “best d*mn waterfall” after the hike we’ve been on.  I was easily much smaller than the other two and my short legs were having a difficult time going down the hill.   Before I knew it, they seemed to be miles ahead of me. 

I was tired, hungry, and agitated by the fact they were so far ahead.  “Screw it!” I said to myself (such choice words for a nine-year old), and I started walking down the hill.  Well, it started off as a slow walk.  But that slow walk turned into a fast pace.  Then a jog.  Then a run.  And before I knew it I was sprinting down the heavily wooded hill, unable to control my speed. 

I blew right by my sister.  She yelled down to my mom, who glanced over her shoulder and saw me heading straight toward her.  She turned around and planted her feet almost like a sumo wrestler would.  That was the last thing I remembered before my sister helped me off of the ground.  Apparently I ran right into my mom and the momentum I had made us spin around in a circle before both falling to the ground.  My mom got a pretty good battle scar from my little mishap.  I’m pretty sure you can still see it today.  And I somehow managed to break the camera that was dangling around my mom’s neck.  But yet, I came out of that incident without any wounds (unless you count my new fear of heights). 

As it turns out, we were on the wrong path.  In fact, it wasn’t even a path.  We ended up turning around and finding the real, well-marked trail minutes later.  And the waterfall was pretty cool.  I think it might have been in one of the Indiana Jones movies.  But that’s not the point.  The point is that there have been numerous times in my life when my mom has acted like a superhero to me. 

So, we here at Foxfire Mountain would like to thank all the moms out there who have saved their children from imminent danger, or have healed a boo boo, or even just made their sick child some chicken noodle soup.  Thank you for being our supermoms and I hope you all have a great Mother’s Day!